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Super Global High School(SGH)


MEXT started the Super Global High School (SGH) project in the 2014 school year to cultivate students:

  • to be interested in various problems and culture of society
  • to have communication ability
  • and to have the ability to solve problems / problem solving ability

Meiji Gakuen Junior & Senior High School was designated as a Super Global High School to develop and carry out a curriculum aimed at cultivating global leaders over a five year period starting in the 2015 school year.

SGH Concept of Meiji Gakuen

Curriculum to Encourage Students to Become Leaders in Our Increasingly Globalized World Who Can Change Society

In order for this concept to be realized our school will
increase awareness and knowledge through Global Career Education
acquire skills to find solutions to international problems through Task-Oriented Research
teach presentation and communication skills through Global English I・II

SGH Concept Map of Meiji Gakuen

SGH Concept Map of Meiji Gakuen